Compost your Catering Food Waste with Ridan Composters

Create something good out of your food waste rather than sending it to landfill, by using the free to run Ridan Hot Compost Machine to create rich compost for the garden.

Designed and built in Devon the Ridan uses naturally occurring processes to rapidly hot compost waste food, it’s simple to use, stands outside and will enhance the green credentials of most catering establishments. By creating ideal composting conditions, food waste naturally heats up to around 60 degrees C, naturally drying and breaking down to a product which will enrich your soil.


Compost food waste at source with a Ridan composting machine.

Suitable for commercial kitchens, cafes, restaurants and schools.

Simple and free to use, the Ridan is a hot, aerobic constant throughput composter, which will deal with all food waste, quickly producing rich compost for the garden.


Remove the lid and tip in the food waste, add the same volume of woodchip, turn the handle, replace the lid, it’s that simple.

Repeat daily, after about two weeks compost will emerge from the outlet.

All food can be composted, raw or cooked including meat, fish, dairy and eggs.

On-site aerobic composting locks carbon back into the compost where it enriches the soil, creating ideal growing conditions for more food, completing the cycle in a natural way.   The alternative, dumping food waste into landfill means that it will rot creating harmful greenhouse gasses such as C02 which is bad and Methane which is 28 times worse causing global warming and damaging our planet for future generations.


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Specification and Prices

Ridan dimensions – 2.4 meters long, 1.4 meters wide and 1.6 meters high. Capacity – Ridan can process 150 litres of food waste per week, or up to 600 litres if used with a macerator and de-waterer. Requirements – Can be sited outside, no services or power required zero operating costs. Cost - £2,250 plus delivery and VAT. Or lease/buy from £120 per month over 2 years (grants may be available).


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