Urban Mines merged with LRS Consultancy in April 2014. LRS Consultancy works with businesses and organisations to improve sustainable resource management. In February 2015, LRS was acquired by the Anthesis Group - a specialist global consultancy founded on the belief that commercial success and sustainability go hand in hand. The Group offers commercially-driven sustainability strategy, underpinned by technical experience and delivered by innovative collaborative teams across the world.

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Urban Mines merges with LRS Consultancy

Peter Scholes, Urban Mines Managing Director, announces Urban Mines' merger with LRS Consultancy and what this important change will mean for our clients.
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Waste Planning Specialist Assistance

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Stakeholder engagement is complex and demanding associated with developing and building new waste infrastructure and meeting the demand to enable waste materials to move up the waste hierarchy.


We have first hand experience with this through promoting our own Sustainable Growth Park concept and encouraging multiple waste management activities all on one site! Urban Mines are committed to sustainable solutions for waste management and champion the identification of integrated proposals and making the benefits add up locally for community, environment and economy.


Clients include: top 5 Waste Management Companies



  • Stakeholder consultation (formal and informal) connected to waste infrastructure proposals and changes in waste management
  • Stakeholder engagement and communication strategies & implementation facilitation
  • Stakeholder surveying (formal and informal) connected to existing and proposed waste facilities
  • Economic/socio-environmental multiplier assessments to measure wider benefits associated with new waste investment for the collection, transfer, recycling/reprocessing, treatment and recovery of waste materials.
  • Specialist assistance coupled with waste planning applications covering SGP concept and assessing wider socio-economic and environmental benefits

For more information, contact Peter Scholes on 01274 699400 or peter.scholes@urbanmines.org.uk



Moving our Northern England Office

The LRS Consultancy team has moved office to Manchester.


Landfill Tax to rise in line with Inflation

HM Treasury have announced today (19.03.14) that landfill tax will rise in line with inflation from April 2015.

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